a perfect proposal


Alright, folks! I don't know why it took me this long to post these. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this amazing proposal. Mike (the fellow proposing) concocted up the plan and found the location.
To make this plan work, I had to tell Claud that I found a perfect location for a photoshoot and that I needed a couple to model for me. I asked her if it was OK with her AND Mike;)
We went with Mike a couple of hours before he picked up Claud. We scouted the place looking for the perfect place to set up.
Mike brought all these decor pieces (basket, flowers, streamers, you name it!) and we edited it down to a more simple setting.
It was raining on and off, and after hiking, sweating, and nearly sliding off a slippery, muddy hill, we finally found the perfect spot that.
Mike went off to pick up Claud, and I slowly made my way back up to the entrance to wait for them, photographing the quiet forest and its details. I was actually very spooked out about it, and got lost for a moment. I couldn't remember which path we took!
Finally, they came and we quickly made our way back down to the spot. We didn't stop to take portraits as I thought we had 15 minutes to get everything done before the park closed, or so I thought (there was a wedding scheduled that day, so the park didn't close early after all).
A couple of details I should note: the blanket was crocheted by mike's grandma as a gift (tradition), and the rock that Mike got engraved is the same heart-shaped rock we found on our last photoshoot.



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